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About Velocity Digital Portfolios

“Carpe Diem. Seize the day! Make your lives extraordinary.”

– Dead Poets Society

Velocity Digital Portfolios is here to help you move your financial life forward.

At Velocity Digital Portfolios, we've designed an automated investment platform with custom portfolios you can’t find anywhere else. We’ve made the process accessible, affordable, performance driven, and easy to use.

Technology has opened up how we make investing available to everyone—but starting to invest still has many barriers. From high account fees and minimums to cookie-cutter portfolio options and service, few online platforms make investing accessible and efficient. And while technology gives you the freedom to access your investments from anywhere, sometimes you may want some personal assistance, or just have a question, that's where working with Velocity is an advantage.  You have a dedicated investment advisor to help you along the way with questions you may have about your portfolio, or just investing in general. Because we don't route you to a call center, you get the comfort of talking with the same advisor each time you have a question or need help. 

With decades of experience serving investors, we strongly believe that all investors should be able to actively participate in building their financial futures and deserve access to competitive portfolios that fit their unique financial profiles and long-term goals.

                                                                      In short, we’ve designed Velocity for you!