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Have a question about Velocity Digital Portfolios? Check out our FAQs. If you need further information, feel free to contact investor services and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Maintaining Your Velocity Account

  • What support can I receive through customer service?
  • How can I close my Velocity Portfolios account?

Investing Funds

  • How soon can I start investing once I open my account?
  • How do I move money to and from my Velocity Portfolio?
  • Can I switch portfolios once I’ve invested?
  • How often does Velocity re-balance my portfolios?

Q: What support can I receive through customer service?

At Velocity Digital Portfolios, every investor will have a dedicated, credentialed advisor*.  If you have a question not included in our FAQs, we are happy to speak with you. (801) 656-6516.

You can call customer support to help you with:

  • General market questions
  • General portfolio questions
  • General questions about your account

If you need deeper personal attention for managing your financial life and meeting your goals, then you may want to consider a traditional wealth manager over an online investment provider. This type of relationship would have a higher fee structure for robust planning and advice.

(*A credentialed advisor is one that holds an accredited financial planning designation. A Certified Financial Planner / CFP, or  Chartered Financial Consultant, ChFC® are among the most recognized.)

Q: How can I close my account with Velocity Digital Portfolios?

While we hope to never see a client go, we understand that sometimes this happens. You have complete control over when you close your account.

To close your account, you just need to notify us via email of your desire, and as soon as we receive your request, we stop managing your assets. Once you close your account, you will still own your TD Ameritrade account. You can either choose to liquidate your account or transfer the funds to another brokerage firm. We are always here to help you understand your options and pursue the account-closure solution that best fits your needs.

Investing Funds

Q: How soon can I start investing once I open my account?

You’ll finish the process for creating your account with Velocity Digital Portfolios within one to two days. As soon as you open and fund your account, we’ll allocate your investments according to your unique profile and investing needs.

The processing time for allocating your funds depends on how you funded your account.

Funded With Cash From Your Bank

When you fund your account using cash from a bank account, the funding process will usually take one to two days after you open your account.

Funded By Transferring Money From Another Brokerage Account

When you fund your account using assets from another brokerage account, the funding process will usually take up to 10 days after you open your account.

You’re always free to log into your account and track the progress of your account opening and funding, as well as any transfers and investments you've made.

Q: How do I move money to and from my Velocity portfolio?

When you sign up for your account, you also have the option to create an electronic transfer authorization. This authorization allows you to move money to and from your bank account into your Velocity account.

The process is a secure, convenient way to move your money easily and safely, as you need it. You can also use this authorization to set up an automatic investment plan that moves money from your bank account into your investment account with the frequency that you choose, in the amount that you select. This approach makes automatic investing easy.

Q: Can I switch portfolios once I’ve invested?

Yes, you can. To do so, you need to go through your investment profile questionnaire again and reassess your criteria. If the model comes out the same, and you still want to invest in a different portfolio, then you are free to choose another option. When you make this choice, you’ll sign a disclosure stating that you are asking to invest in options outside of your risk-profile parameters. You do not need to sign this disclosure if you move to a more conservative portfolio or one that is a completely different structure.

Q: How often does Velocity rebalance my portfolios?

Rebalancing portfolios from time to time is helpful in keeping your investments consistent with your selected model, as well as continuing to support tax efficiency. We typically rebalance all portfolios at least at year’s end. This will be an asset-allocation rebalance that also harvests gains and losses in taxable accounts. Some market circumstances may cause us to rebalance more or less frequently, such as:

1. Substantial Volatility

Sometimes, the market experiences substantial volatility. When this environment occurs and causes portfolio allocations to drift too far away from their targets, we’ll rebalance your portfolio to bring it back on course.

2. Minimal Volatility

We may choose to not rebalance your portfolio if very little volatility occurred in a given year and your portfolio is still on track with your selected model. We may also choose to not rebalance your allocation if your portfolio is performing as needed in relationship to your risk/return profile.