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"Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

– George Bernard Shaw

Investing with Velocity Digital Portfolios is simple, efficient—and completely fits your active lifestyle.

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First: Identify Your Portfolio Strategy

Identify the Velocity Portfolio strategy that best fits your needs. Before you begin the questionnaire to customize your portfolio, you will want to identify which Velocity strategy is best suited for you. Remember, you have 4 distinct choices; review each option in more detail.  The questionnaire will ask you for your preference based on the amount of money you are going to invest. Once you identify your portfolio strategy, Create Your Portfolio!

You will only be asked to provide your personal information when you decide to open your account. It is not needed to create your portfolio recommendations.

1-Velocity Index Advantage: Invests in exchange traded funds (ETF's) with NO transaction fee's and a low starting minimum balance requirement of $2,500. This is the most cost effective portfolio strategy.

2-Velocity Income Advantage: Designed for those looking for higher interest and dividend income. This portfolio has a $75,000 suggested minimum investment.

3-Velocity Select Managers: (Institutional class funds) Designed for those seeking institutional quality investment managers that have been carefully screened and selected, and have lower annual fund fee's that investor class shares. This portfolio has a $150,000 suggested minimum investment.

4-Velocity Select Managers: (Investor class funds) Designed for those that would like actively managed funds that have been selected for their strong risk/return characteristics. This strategy has NO transaction fee's, but has higher mutual fund fee's than institutional class shares.This portfolio has a starting minimum balance requirement of $2,500

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