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At Velocity Digital Portfolios, we designed each portfolio with ease and efficiency in mind. We automatically re-balance all Velocity Portfolios. We also automatically harvest gains/losses for tax efficiency. We have designed a portfolio to fit your unique profile—without sacrificing competitive performance. In addition, because we don't use proprietary mutual funds or exchange traded funds (ETF's), we’re free to select the investments we believe best support each investors focus.

Your Portfolio

 Velocity Digital Portfolios

Focus: Low starting balance, low fund expenses, and no transaction fees
Balance: $2,500 minimum
Management Fee: 0.45% annual fee on balances of $10,000 or more.

Comprised of no transaction fee Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Velocity Digital Portfolios offers a low-cost way to invest. Using a diversified mix of index funds, you get broad market exposure, with low fee's. Your recommended portfolio will also be customized to the level of risk you feel comfortable taking. Your unique investment profile will identify which allocation best fits your financial needs.

For investors that prefer more interest and dividend income, we've got you covered. Our short questionnaire will automatically guide you to the appropriate portfolio allocation that increases interest and dividend income.  

Whether you're looking for growth, or income, you're portfolio will be well diversified, risk/return appropriate, and easy to understand.